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Instant Auto Loan Approvals - Car Loans Instantly Approved

At Citi Auto Group, we offer the expert help you need to get a quality used vehicle, all under one roof! Not only does our professional sales team have years of experience helping drivers from across Philadelphia, and the surrounding Pennsylvania and South Jersey suburbs, find their ideal car, but our financing department ensures you will get the right auto loan too.

There’s one service in particular that keeps bringing customers back to us time and again: guaranteed instant approval.

Instant Approval for All Drivers
Trying to get an auto loan to pay for your next car can be a real struggle if you have a low credit score. Banks and many dealerships will reject your applications if they consider you a ‘high risk’. The credit scoring system categorizes people’s scores into different groups, and if yours falls into the “poor” or “bad” ranges, you could be unable to secure a loan.

Needless to say, having your applications for an auto loan turned down again and again can be incredibly frustrating. You depend on your car or truck to drive to work, to give friends and family a ride, or possibly even to earn a living. Going without is simply out of the question. At Citi Auto Group, we understand just how difficult life can become when you don’t have a reliable vehicle at your disposal, which is why we are committed to giving every customer guaranteed instant approval!

Guaranteed Financing for Every Credit Score
Financial hardship can come to everyone, and your credit score may take a major dip if you are unable to make payments on time. Other factors contribute to low credit scores too; multiple loan applications in a short period, having credit cards ‘charged off’, and more.

People looking for their first car might struggle to get an auto loan from lenders too. Younger people who have never had a credit card or had bills to pay can find themselves facing multiple rejections based on their lack of a credit history. For first-time vehicle buyers, being unable to get the financing necessary to purchase that first car is a real disappointment.

This makes Citi Auto Group’s instant approval a solution for every driver. No matter how poor your credit history, no matter how many late or missed payments you may have to your name, trust our friendly team to discuss the reasons you need a vehicle, and help you set up the perfect financing for your budget, income, and responsibilities. We have built great relationships with some of the most trusted lenders in the area, which guarantees an exceptional quality of service and security.

How Does Our Financial System Work?
You can apply for credit with Citi Auto Group in a number of ways; the simplest is to fill in the form on our website. Just hover your cursor over our ‘Financing’ tab at the top of the page, and click the ‘Get Approved’ tab. You will then be presented with the form. You can fill it in within a couple of minutes; give us your name, address, social security, driver’s license number, and a few other key details, and this will start the ball rolling.

If you want an estimate of the payment details you could get with us, try our loan calculator. This is easy to use: just enter the loan amount you need, the annual interest rate that would suit you best, and the term of the auto loan itself. Click ‘Calculate’, and we’ll present you with your monthly payment within seconds. These tools will give you a strong idea of how an auto loan will fit into your budget and lifestyle, so you’ll be better-prepared to set up your financing with us.

Of course, you can always come in to our dealership at 4160 Torresdale Avenue, Philadelphia. Our professional team will greet you with a warm smile every time, and work with you to determine the best financing plan for you!

An Unbeatable Range of Used Cars in Philadelphia
Citi Auto Group has an inventory of hundreds of certified used cars and trucks. Each is inspected and maintained for the highest quality, and we offer something for everyone.
Our team will help you find the best vehicle for your budget and lifestyle. We’re incredibly passionate about getting every driver on the road as soon as we can, with financing you can trust.

Want to know more about Citi Auto Group’s instant approval in Philadelphia? Just give us a call on 215-744-6901 or come in and see us!

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