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Buy Here Pay Here | Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

At Citi Auto Group, we believe that every driver should be able to find the car or truck they need, at the best deal for them. Today, very few people can buy a vehicle with all cash, and many more find that the traditional avenues of financing are closed off to them. We don’t judge customers based on what their credit report says or their relationships with other lenders. At Citi Auto Group, we are Philadelphia’s Better Buy Here Pay Here dealership for a reason. We work diligently with each customer that we serve to ensure that they are getting the right vehicle, at the right price, and with the right financing in place.

What is Buy Here Pay Here?
To put it simply, Buy Here Pay Here dealerships like Citi Auto Group offer an alternative line of credit to those who might not be able to get it elsewhere. A rocky financial situation might make many lenders consider you too high-risk and rule you out of getting a loan. However, we recognize that having a car or truck can be hugely important to helping someone improve that financial situation.

We offer everyone instant approval, guaranteed, forcing no one to have to live without a vehicle. We can do that simply because we’re in charge of the financing. We don’t rely on anyone else, just on an agreement that works for you. You are not a high-risk factor to us, you are not your credit score. You are our customer first and foremost and we are dedicated to helping our customers find the car and the financing deal that works best for them.

Who Needs It?
We guarantee credit approval for everyone. We don’t judge based on financial troubles that good people, and just about anyone, can fall into. If you’ve had trouble with loans and debts before, we can help you.

But we can also help those who might have trouble finding credit in other ways. For instance, first-time buyers who haven’t established any credit history might find themselves getting worse deals from other lenders. Self-employed workers, regardless of how well they manage their finances, are considered high-risk by other lenders too. If you’ve been divorced, if you have a large student loan, if you have difficulty proving your income, we can help you when other lenders might give you the cold shoulder.

You are far from alone when it comes to facing financial difficulty. Over 40 million people in the U. S. alone have poor credit ratings, or no credit rating at all. Many of them have poor credit because of factors out of their control, like being laid off, or coping with high medical bills. We can help you no matter what your circumstances. Call us about our Buy Here Pay Here arrangements and we can tell you everything you need to bring so you can walk away with a loan and a car or truck the very same day.

Rebuild Your Credit via Buy Here Pay Here Financing
The obvious benefit of Buy Here Pay Here is that you are guaranteed a loan, no questions about it. But that’s not the only benefit of it. People in bad credit situations often find themselves in a spiral. They can’t get loans because they have poor credit, but they can’t improve that credit because they can’t get loans. By guaranteeing you for a loan, we help you rebuild your credit score and add a positive to your financial record. Other lenders will see that you’ve taken on that loan and have been responsible for it. That means more options for more loans are likely in the future.

Citi Auto Group’s Promise
Some people might worry that Buy Here Pay Here loans sound too good to be true; that there might be dealers out there who want customers no matter what, even if it means offering a loan they can’t handle. Sometimes that is true. But not at Citi Auto Group.

At Citi Auto Group, our promise is to offer fair prices, quality advice, and respect to our customers. We work closely with each customer to ensure that they are getting the right car, at the right price, with the right financing in place. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff go out of their way to know about your financial situation, so we can offer a loan that is not only a great deal, but a responsible one. We want to make sure that all parties walk away happy after buying a vehicle at Citi Auto Group; that’s how we build trust, earn repeat customers, and get such great feedback.

Benefits of Buy Here Pay Here
Buy Here Pay Here is a way to make sure that you drive away from our dealership with a car. But remember that we always want to find the deal that works for you, not just for us. A credit arrangement manageable for both parties will result in a happy dealer and a happy buyer. That’s our priority. If you have any questions about what you need to apply for our BHPH loans, the grace period, or any of the other details, don’t hesitate to give us a call. From our testimonials, we hope you can see that we work best with people, not just figures on a balance sheet. We’re always glad to help someone drive away with the car they want.

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