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Buy Here Pay Here PA - Pennsylvania Buy Here Pay Here Dealer

At Citi Auto Group, we’re committed to giving Pennsylvania drivers an unbeatable range of quality used cars and trucks – all with guaranteed Buy Here Pay Here financing.

Buy Here Pay Here with Pennsylvania’s Finest
Securing a loan for your new pre-owned car is rarely as easy as you would like it to be. Millions of Americans depend on their cars or trucks to get to the office, to give the kids a ride to school, or to operate run your own business. Having to face weeks or months without that vehicle will certainly make life more difficult than it should be, and even trying to secure a loan can often add to the challenge and frustration.

Not all banks and dealerships will provide financing to everyone who walks into their establishment. Your credit score and history can lead to rejections or offers of loans far below the amount you need, leaving you stranded and dejected. A low credit score can be caused by numerous factors, including late or missed payments, too many loan applications, and more. Having this poor rating linked to your credit history makes securing loan stressful and upsetting, especially if you need a car or truck to handle living your daily life. Citi Auto Group doesn’t believe in judging people based on their credit scores. We offer instant approval for everyone, no matter what your credit score!

What is Buy Here Pay Here?
With Buy Here Pay Here from Citi Auto Group, you can take advantage of expert financial services while choosing a used vehicle that’s right for you. This is the ultimate in convenience and time-saving; you can get everything you need all under one roof, with no need to search for a loan elsewhere.

Over the years, Citi Auto Group has helped countless numbers of drivers from across Pennsylvania find their ideal car or truck, and secure a loan in no time at all. Our team is passionate about giving everyone the financial support they need, regardless of your credit history or your budget. Knowing you will receive a guaranteed instant approval can relieve a lot of the stress, worry, and frustration of having to live without a car or truck.

Why Can It Help Drivers with Poor Credit?
Believe it or not, your credit score can affect your entire life. A few missed payments here and there, having too many applications for credit, and even just a few late payments, can have a negative impact on your credit rating. Banks and certain dealerships are often likely to see anyone with a low credit score as a high risk; they may believe you will miss your payments and leave them with a loss. This is a harsh viewpoint, especially considering how easily anyone can fall on hard times today.

Citi Auto Group’s Buy Here Pay Here in Pennsylvania means you no longer need to cope with one rejected application after another. As you make your payments to us, you’ll be building a better, stronger credit history. You will show your own ability to make payments on time, to manage your money, and ultimately to settle balances as agreed upon. This will help you get a higher credit score and be viewed as a stronger candidate for credit in the future.

Why Can It Help First-Time Buyers?
Pennsylvania’s first-time buyers can benefit from our Buy Here Pay Here system too. It’s not just those with a history of late or missed payments who receive a poor score, it can also be younger people who have little or no credit experience. Quite often, those who have yet to get their own credit card, pay bills, or have only recently gotten their first credit card, are the ones who may find themselves rejected for an auto loan. At Citi Auto Group, we welcome first-timers as well as experienced drivers. We will help you find the car and payment plan that best suits your needs, your budget and your lifestyle. We will never set you up with loan that you can’t afford to pay back.

What Vehicles Can You Buy?
Citi Auto Group’s inventory of quality used cars in Pennsylvania covers a wide variety of makes and models, including some of America’s finest. Buick, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and more are all available under our Buy Here Pay Here system. With Citi Auto Group, you will get instant loan approval for the vehicle that is perfect for you! Our friendly, professional staff will take you on a tour of our vehicles, presenting you with the best pre-owned cars and trucks that are a good match for you. Perhaps you want something sporty, yet economical, to commute to work every day. Perhaps you’re after a larger sedan, or maybe a roomy SUV or minivan to accommodate the family needs. Whatever your requirements, we’re dedicated helping you getting the right vehicle, at the right price, with an affordable payment plan.

Want to know more about Citi Auto Group’s Buy Here Pay Here in Pennsylvania? Just give us a call on 215-744-6901, or drop by and see us at 4160 Torresdale Avenue in Philadelphia!

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