The Benefits of Refinancing Your Auto Loan


While the term ‘refinancing’ might inspire the dread of excessive paperwork, awkward meetings, and stress, refinancing your auto loan is actually a much faster and easier process than you may imagine. There is usually no need for an in-person appraisal and very little or no charges to consider, making this less daunting than it might appear to be at first.


There are a number of reasons you may be considering refinancing your car loan, including:


  • Financial challenges: your personal finances may have begun to worsen since you first took out your auto loan. Perhaps you’re now given fewer hours at work, have a new baby to prepare for, or simply have more debts accruing than you did at the time. Monetary strain can cause severe stress and affect your quality of life in an extremely negative way.


  • Your credit score is holding you back: your credit score will suffer if you struggle to pay your debts, and may prevent you from taking out loans or securing a mortgage. Your rating may have already been low when you first took out your loan, or it might have been blank entirely if you were a first-time driver. Boosting your credit score is incredibly important to get a mortgage and access other forms of financing in the future.


  • You feel you can get a better rate: your lender might not have been able to give you the best interest rate or payment plan possible, or maybe they did, but you feel that you can get a lower one today.


Regardless of the reasons motivating you, refinancing your auto loan could be a powerful solution to improve your personal circumstances. Here are the key benefits.


Set-Up Lower Payments by Extending the Payment Length

Perhaps the biggest benefit of refinancing your auto loan is securing lower monthly payments by extending the length of the payment itself. Adding an extra year (or two, or three) to your car loan will take the regular repayments down to a level that you can manage with greater ease. This can reduce the strain on your finances overall, allowing this debt to fit in with your others in a more practical way.


Of course, you will be agreeing to a contract for a longer period of time, which you may not feel is ideal, but the important thing is arranging payments that can fit more realistically within your budget, whatever that may be. If you find yourself with a shorter loan, then yes, you would be rid of the debt sooner, but the monthly payments would be higher, possibly at a level you simply could not manage. A lender may be able to arrange a deal that leaves you with more disposable money each month to improve your quality of life, while still helping you hit your payment goals. If you can use this extra money to pay off other debts, you can begin to focus more on clearing your car loan sooner rather than later too.


Boost Your Credit Rating

Poor credit scores are a source of frustration for countless Americans trying to secure a loan from a bank or car dealership. Some missed payments on open loans, too many loan applications within a short period, or being unable to meet deadlines altogether can cause your credit score to drop over time. However, a car dealership may be willing to provide you with an auto loan regardless of your bad credit history, and trust you to make repayments just as they would a customer with a better rating. Still, if you find yourself struggling to make the payments on your current loan, you run the risk of your credit score dropping again. Refinancing your loan to accommodate payments you are able to manage better reduces the chances of you missing them. The longer you can keep making payments on time, and in full, the better your credit rating can become by the time the loan is paid off. As a result, you may be a better candidate for other loans and finance plans in the future.


Reduce Your Interest Rate

This is one of the most compelling reasons to consider refinancing your auto loan. It was mentioned earlier about reducing your regular payments by extending your loan through refinancing, and a lower interest rate takes this even further. Lower interest rates can turn a good deal into a great one, leaving you with less stress and a reduced sense of urgency. Feeling as if you need to pay a loan off as soon as you possibly can to avoid interest can make being in debt more difficult, but if your lender lets you reduce your rate, it becomes much easier to manage.


If your credit rating was low before you took out your auto loan, or you had zero credit in the first place, making regular timely payments may have resulted in an improved score. The longer the gap between your first signing on the dotted line and refinancing, the more chance you have to boost your credit score. Lower interest rates may be available if overall rates have dropped since you first took your auto loan out. With a stronger credit rating behind you, you may qualify for a reduced interest rate, and be able to pay it off faster, while saving on the total amount repaid.


Take Advantage of Changes in Lender’s Deal

Your lender may well have changed how they handle auto loans since you first agreed to your current financing arrangements. For example, they may have come under new ownership and prefer to keep interest rates lower on loans, or offer longer contracts as a standard policy to keep monthly payments at a lower level.  


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